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What up doe?  My name is Mike.  I’m a Morehouse grad, a filmmaker, and an aspiring television writer from Detroit, Michigan.  I actually started out as an actor and just knew I would be the next Denzel.  Nope.  Well, at least not yet.  All I know is that God works in mysterious ways.  Acting beautifully and pointedly led me to writing, and I’ve been focusing on that ever since.

My work usually focuses in the comedy sphere.  I initially thought I was a writer more suited for the drama genre, so you should have seen my face when I went to film school and shopped around my serious, dramatic work and watched my classmates and professors read my scripts… while laughing.  I was like, hold up, I know my writing isn’t that bad.  Come to find out, my work is kind of funny; so, instead of being in my feelings about it, I embraced it.  I guess it makes sense though.  I love to laugh; life is way too serious and short not to.

Anyway, I started this blog mainly for inspirational purposes.  In the entertainment field, rejection seems to spray out on you like violent diarrhea… coming every which way, constantly… until you’re covered to the point where you can’t see the impeccable gem you truly are.  Gross, I know, but what an image.

It’s always good to be affirmed in your art or whatever you do, and to reinforce the fact that just because the thing you want to happen so badly hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  We only fail if we give up.  (This saying seems so tired, but… that doesn’t make it untrue.)

So as I journey in this film and television world, I’ll be posting about my experiences.  I’ll also be shining spotlights on various artistic projects/cultural movements pressing their way to success or just anything that’s dope.

As long as we’re living on this earth, we have a lot to offer.  And although it sometimes may seem like you’ll forever be the underdog, just know that you are dope. right. now.


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