Politics, bro… what’s up?

No, this post isn’t about this dreadful, volatile, nauseating, and seemingly never-ending 2016 election – well, at least not directly. No, this is about the dreadful, volatile, nauseating, and seemingly never-ending politics of our lives. Much better, right?

Look, politics… I don’t cheer for you, my G. I mean, perhaps I would, but peep what you bring to the table: unbelievable spins, remorseless lies, overhyped distractions, covert cover-ups, messy – okay, I could go on and on… all right, I will.

Politics, the tactics you use, these questionably permissible transgressions that cleverly promote selfish agendas of governance are deplorable – yes I used that word. But that’s what you’re all about: winning at the expense of everything, including noble values.

I know, I know. It’s not all your fault. You hooked up with that side chick, corruption, and now you two can’t leave each other alone. Yeah she’s bad, but I’ll be honest: she manhandles you, bro. She propagates prejudiced, polluted, partisan-by-any-means-necessary agendas of various campaigns, their surrogates, and the manipulated and manipulative media, and it’s all in the name of politics. Yes, you bro.

Your grip is inescapable in nearly every arena: our social and professional organizations, our workspaces, our schools, and even religious institutions. Yeah, you got the juice, you poppin’. But it’s a problem.

You’re there when nepotism outshines merit and ability, where a public stance conflicts with a private vote, where the shallowness of appearance beats down the profundity of the heart, where the predominance of subjectivity trumps any objectivity – sorry for that cliched pun.

Oh wait, is this too scathing? I’m being unfair? Well, perhaps you’re right. Because while you disadvantage us all in various forms and to certain degrees, we all benefit from you the same way, and we don’t complain then, right? Okay, I’ll give you that.

Now that I think about it, politics, the problem isn’t you; the problem is people, or rather, people’s perversion of you. Wow, you’re really the victim here. So, I guess my critique should be towards people…

But wait, I’m a person. That truth goes against my own interests. So, naw homie, you’re still taking the L for this… See how you work?

Politics, the silver lining is that you are not the ultimate power. Nope. That job, that opportunity, that position, that role, that will is not yours to determine for us. Yes, you can block, steal, and score, but your wins are in battles, not in wars. You cannot outplay anyone’s purpose. You may even be used for a righteous person’s ascent, and then you guessed it, you just played yourself.

So go ahead and try to delay and convolute our individual journeys as we go forward just so you can benefit the self-interests of others, but what is for someone will be for that someone, and if not, something greater is on the horizon. I am affirmed in that.

As long as a person revels in authenticity, he or she will advance, despite the games you play.

So, politics, perhaps someday people will treat you better, and perhaps maybe you’ll finally stop fooling around and get back together with your main squeeze, justice… but then again… shit, I doubt it.

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